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ProductsVIP SENSORS is a premier supplier of sensors and sensor systems excelling in quality and value. As a technical leader with an emphasis on performance and innovation, VIP Sensors strives for nothing less than total customer satisfaction.

VIP Sensors offers a broad range of off-the-shelf catalog products available for immediate delivery. This is supplemented with support services such as sensor calibration. In addition, VIP Sensors specializes in cost-effective and timely modifications of sensors, sensor designs, cable assemblies and mounting hardware to satisfy unique customer applications.


  • Navy Continues Contract to Fund Development of a Fiber Optic Vector Sensor
    The US Navy awarded VIP Sensors a third round of funding contract to develop a Fiber Optic Vector Sensor (FOVS) for thin-line towed sonar array applications, capable of left/right bearing resolution and depression/elevation angle determination in littoral and deep water operations... [more]

  • NASA Awards SBIR Contract to Develop a Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Array
    NASA awarded VIP Sensors a contract to develop a Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Array for measuring air flow pressure at multiple points on flat surfaces of aircrafts for flight and wind tunnel test applications. The array consists of multiple micro-miniature optical MEMS pressure sensors interconnected by a common optic fiber to an interrogation system... [more]

  • New Distributors
    VIP Sensors is pleased to announce two new distributors. AO Ezra Electronics 2002 and Global Re-Power Control System. Ezra Electronics will represent VIP Sensors in Israel, while Global Re-Power Control System will represent VIP Sensors in India... [more]

  • NAVY Awards VIP Sensors Contract to Develop a Triaxial Fiber Optic Accelerometer
    The U.S. Navy awarded VIP Sensors a SBIR Phase I contract to develop and demonstrate a single-line, high channel count, passive fiber optic vector sensor for a towed array system, as an alternative to current long twin-line hydrophone towed arrays. The program's specific objective is to develop a triaxial optical accelerometer... [more]

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