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VIP Sensors' mission is "to be a premier supplier of sensors and sensor systems excelling in Performance, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. VIP Sensors will be perceived as a technical leader with an Emphasis on Performance and Innovation."

VIP Sensors is achieving its business objectives by executing its 3-tier business strategy: by providing a comprehensive line of standard products, by introducing innovative new products to the marketplace, and by capturing research and development programs.

Standard Products and Services
Providing our customers with a broad range of off-the-shelf catalog products emphasizing Quality, timely Delivery and Value. This is supplemented with support services such as sensor calibration.

Innovative Products
New product development activities enable VIP Sensors to leverage the results of research and development activities and add to the standard catalog product offerings. It also allows the company to be poised to respond to customer needs for custom products designs.

Funded Research and Development
Developing innovative sensor solutions using the latest technologies with funding provided by various US government agencies and commercial customers.

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